What Is Etherscan and How Can It Be Used for NFT Data?


Etherscan is the Ethereum network’s blockchain explorer, just as Bscscan is for Binance Smart Chain.


The Ethereum blockchain is filled with several types of transaction data. Tracking all of this data may quickly become tedious, which is why a program called blockchain explorers was created to help with this chore.

Blockchain explorers are handy for tracking transactions, checking up on wallet addresses, and other tasks. When a user puts a search query into the explorer’s search box, the explorer sends it out.

The blockchain explorer then uses an application programming interface (API) to connect to a node and obtain the required data. Once extracted, it organizes and lists all critical data and shows it to the user in a searchable format.

What Exactly is Etherscan?

Etherscan will detect any activity on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the most popular Ethereum blockchain explorer, search engine, API, and analytics platform. NFT mints, transactions, and exchanges are all included in the data that users who utilize Etherscan for tracking will see.

Etherscan is to Ethereum what Google is to the internet. Etherscan is an Ethereum blockchain search engine that allows users to locate and confirm transactions. Etherscan may also be used to view all details about any pending or completed transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

You do not need to register an account to use Etherscan, although it is recommended that you do so, especially if you want to access developer features.

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