Valour puts Polkadot and Cardano ETPs on the market

The Swiss asset management firm announced in a press release that ADA and DOT are now available on the Nordic Growth Market stock

The Swiss asset management firm Valour announced in a press release that ADA and DOT ETPs are now available on the Nordic Growth Market stock.

The launching of these ETPs by Valour gives investors the opportunity to have access to two of the most successful digital currencies at the moment through their bank accounts or personal broker. Cardano’s ADA and Polkadot’s DOT prices have experienced major increases in 2021 (ADA over 1,000% and DOT 400%). 


Valour Structured Products Inc. is a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies Inc. and issues investments product such as digital assets. The firm, founded in 2019, is launching its Cardano (ADA) ETP under the code VALOUR CARDANO SEK – CH1114178796 starting from May 18, 2021. As for the launch of Polkadot’s ETP coded VALOUR POLKADOT SEK – CH1114178770 on the Nordic Growth Market stock, investors will have to wait a few weeks. Its issuing is predicted to happen later this month.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is considered a third-generation cryptocurrency. It aims to resolve bitcoin’s scalability problems (Bitcoin is considered the first generation crypto) and take to another level the smart contracts of Ethereum (second-generation crypto). Unlike its rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum that use a proof-of-work protocol, Cardano is based on a proof-of-stake one. It also has its own token named ADA, which can be traded like any other coin or used inside the platform. For example, to become a validator, you will need 5 ADA. Learn more about Cardano in this article!

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is a software created to connect blockchains into a combined network. The developers that create decentralized systems have to build them from scratch. It aims to save them time and resources to develop value on top of all blockchains, not just one. Polkadot has its own cryptocurrency, called DOT. It is used to engage in governance decisions, like voting inside the network, but also utilized as a digital payment method. Learn more about Polkadot in this article!

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