Theta is now a top 10 crypto

Amid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum lately, there is a token that has surpassed everyone’s expectations, THETA.

Amid bigger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been experiencing some price drops lately, there is a token that has surpassed everyone’s expectations, THETA

On Wednesday the digital asset has surpassed Chainlink and Litecoin and is now positioned as the 9th crypto by market capitalization. Theta coin hit an all-time high at $14.50 per token after four US investors announced they were investing more than $100 million in Theta

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Even though non-fungible tokens are slowing down at the moment, Theta continues its surge in price. Just one year ago one THETA was traded for 6.8 cents. 

According to analysts, this boost could be due to some really important network updates that the digital currency is expected to make during April. Apart from partnering with Google and Samsung, Theta has also announced that music giant Sony’s European subsidiary is now a node runner on the Theta network.

Another major benefit of Theta that is contributing to its rising popularity among developers is its blockchain. The average time for one transaction is 3 seconds and it can handle 1,000 transactions per second.

Theta doesn’t stop. In fact, it has big plans for 2021:

  • The launch of Decentralized exchange on the Theta blockchain.
  • The release of Official Theta for Ledger and Trezor.
  • The launch of Theta mainnet 3.0.
  • V2 of Edgecast decentralized streaming Dapp.
  • V2 of the Advanced Smart Contract developer platform.
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