Thai shopping center now testing its own token

la rinascente

Central Retail Corp, a Thai retail giant, announced it will start testing its own virtual currency among customers.

The C-Coin is a blockchain-based digital asset and has been used only by employees until now. Following a successful first phase, the new service will be extended to the general public as well.


“We’ll be looking to enhance the C-Coin after we have used it within our network. If our employees are able to use the C-Coin, then our customers should have no problems with it.” 

The token has been offered to approximately 80,000 employees, not only in Thailand but all over the world. C-Coin is given as a reward for exceptional performance in their job but was also used for testing.


Workers can spend the amount to purchase and pay for services in the shopping center. In order for the token to be available for customers as well, results have to be studied thoroughly.

“We see a lot of potential for the C-Coin. No matter whether our customers are migrating online or going back to malls offline, we must find the best ways to reach them and create spending. There are so many different opportunities that blockchain technology can bring us.”

The Central Retail Corporation is one of the biggest owners of shopping malls. Italian La Rinascente, Danish Illum, and many others are among some of the most important names in the industry.

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