Poetry and NFT s: the Birth of a New Cyberculture?

Poetry and NFT

NFT Poetry, like other NFT creative forms, defines itself. NFT Poetry, in contrast to the iambic pentameter encountered (or suffered) in high school, offers far less rigidity while merging old traditions with the 21st-century Crypto-verse. The manner in which NFT Poetry emphasizes its newness, its freshness, places it against and within long-standing poetic traditions, indicating that it will be an enduring creative expression for many years to come.


Katherine Dozier Moshman, the owner of The NFT Poetry Gallery, started a series of NFT seed poems. If the word’seed’ jangles your memory, consider the seed words that open your Crypto Wallet. In partnership with purchasers, the author-artist creates personalized poetry that uses her pictures.

Within the NFT medium, various genres coexist harmoniously: the notion of the discovered poetry (merges with photography, and these latter two disciplines entwine through artist-audience conversation. This is one of NFT Poetry’s greatest strengths: it brings poets and audiences closer together in a more engaged interaction.

Whereas a reader may participate in poetry passively by purchasing a book from a typical bookstore, an NFT Poetry customer may enhance and personalize their engagement through direct communication with writers. NFT Poetry liberates, unites, and equalizes poet-audience relationships.

Trash Art Poetry by NFT

There is also a lighter aspect to NFT Poetry. Within the trash art movement, NFT Poets make fun of large societal trends and events, including the NFT medium and poetry. The multi-genre approach to composition is similar to that of LOSTPOETS and Moshman’s works, except that these artists laugh at themselves, their rhymes, and Shel Silverstein’s parody of poetry while playing beer pong.

Colors explode in strange, jolting neons that match with goofy typography that would get you a meeting with the boss. As much as COVID, the poetry lurking in the mud rebels against rituals like putting out the garbage. Poetry is a very personal genre; question a few individuals and many of them will express strong feelings about it.

The vibrancy of early poetry, when the listener and poet may be in the same neighborhood, public area, or even room, is reintroduced by NFT. Being together and creating together are still important aspects of our shared humanity. This is brought closer to us via NFT Poetry.

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