Miami to turn into a sustainable Bitcoin mining hub


Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, has voiced his ambitions of turning the city of Miami into a clean Bitcoin mining hub. 

During an interview with crypto-journalist Laura Shin, Suarez said that a big part of growing concerns on Bitcoin mining is its negative impact on the environment, 90% of the time being carried out in cities that have “dirty energy”.  He believes that the city of Miami has a sufficient supply of clean energy to resolve these issues concerning Bitcoin mining, while also adding a layer of national security. 

miami mayor
Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, Credit: climateone.org

“We have the ability to supply clean energy to Bitcoin mining centers and data centers. It would be to benefit the crypto community if we did more mining in the US because we produce clear energy, so it would change that narrative and that dynamic. In my opinion, technology is going to make Bitcoin mining more efficient,” Suarez said in the interview.

Apart from energy issues, Mayor Suarez also expressed his concerns over national security, claiming that 90% of mining operations shouldn’t take place outside of the United States. 

This isn’t the first time Suarez has tried to push certain policies that would benefit Bitcoin. Back in February, he proposed that city workers have the liberty to choose Bitcoin as a payment alternative, which is currently being studied by city officials before proceeding.

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