Grayscale investing more of its capital in crypto


Grayscale Investments is a company headquartered in New York and manages digital currency investment funds.

The firm is buying more digital assets like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic, amounting to approximately $39 billion of crypto under its management. In the last 224 hours, according to current data from Bybt.com, Grayscale acquired 1,822 Bitcoin Cash, 1,468 Litecoin, and 80,300 Ethereum Classic.


The data also shows 35 bitcoins and 151 ether outflow the company in only a day. Bitcoin is still in the first position, as the company possesses more than 650,000 tokens, and their total value amounts to nearly $33.5 billion.

It is noticeable that the Litecoin Trust has increased since the beginning of 2021. Grayscale bought 1.45 million LTC under management, and their value is around $275 million. With the purchases of the last few weeks, the company has now 289,000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) worth $153 million, and a $140 million worth of Ethereum Classic.

All this activity shows once more how important cryptocurrency is becoming lately, and the number of people buying it keeps growing.

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