Discord’s Future May Include NFTs and Crypto Wallets

Discord is a voice and text chat app that is revolutionizing the corporate sector.


This year, Discord became a natural home for thousands of NFT initiatives. Many of these projects use specialized Discord servers to communicate with fans, issue updates, and track sales, and market activity.

It’s also the app of choice for organizing distribution events when NFTs are “minted” and sold or distributed to supporters before making their way onto trading platforms like OpenSea.

Discord is a sophisticated organization that is likely aware of how individuals are already expressing their digital identities using NFTs.

NFT-savvy people already choose their rarest and often most expensive NFT to use as their PFP (profile picture) on Twitter and Discord. Discord, with MetaMask integration, might become a platform where individuals can exhibit their NFTs in galleries connected to user profiles or pick “certified” avatar photos, with ownership backed up by the blockchain.

The firm is particularly well-positioned to capitalize on its presence in the growing Web3 arena, which experts think will be characterized by a surge of decentralization, digital commodities, and ownership-based virtual identities.

While Discord may just be interested in Ethereum and other digital currencies, Citron’s mention of MetaMask support might indicate a more ambitious goal based on NFTs.

A cryptocurrency like Ethereum may be used for simple payments and transactions, but it also serves as the technological backbone for most NFTs, which are monitored and exchanged via smart contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Jason Citron, the creator, and CEO of Discord tweeted a screenshot of Discord integrating with popular crypto wallet service MetaMask and WalletConnect, an open standard on which many mobile crypto wallets are built.

For the time being, the wallet support appears to be strictly experimental. Citron declined to disclose information on how a possible coin integration would operate or how serious Discord is about researching crypto integrations.

Citron informed several Twitter users that Discord has formed a new team to fight the endemic dodgy conduct that plagues many servers, especially those dedicated to trading and selling NFTs. “In this sector, spam and security are important priorities for us,” Citron wrote. “Spam and security are a top priority for us in this space,” “We have recently spun up a team working on it specifically. More to come soon.”

Discord is already the de facto home for NFT groups, but the firm may have significant plans to strengthen those bonds.

Discord’s interest in incorporating crypto capabilities into the social chat software may seem speculative, but if Ethereum support is built-in, the company’s aspirations might extend well beyond payments.

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