Bungkusit is now implementing blockchain technology

The Malaysian delivery firm will use blockchain technology to avoid disagreements with its clients.

The Malaysian delivery firm Bungkusit will use the blockchain ecosystem to avoid disagreements with its clients.

Bungkusit is one of the largest delivery applications in the country of Malaysia and has decided to store on a blockchain every detail of each delivery with the assistance of VeriDoc Global. Orders, addresses, and the picture of the goods that have been ordered will be registered and saved using the same technology utilized by digital currencies.

bungkusit blockchain
Aliasgar Abbas

“Bungkusit opted for blockchain and our technology because of our interoperable API that allowed seamless integration with their existing system. This allowed transparency to all parties, securing the credibility of the merchants and avoiding disputes. By doing this, it helps the merchants.”

Aliasgar Abbas, Director of and Business Development at VeriDoc Global

This move has been made to improve the service, make it more transparent, avoid conflicts, and maintain a safe network. VeriDoc Global, which provides software solutions through digital security, blockchain technology, and QR codes, assisted the delivery application to apply blockchain into their network.

“A lot of companies are beginning to show interest and understand the importance of adopting blockchain technology. They see its potential and have started to implement it in their products and services. Blockchain, itself, is a versatile nature and can be used in many diverse industries.”

Aliasgar Abbas, Director of and Business Development at VeriDoc Global

But how does it work?

“Upon completion of the delivery, a QR code is automatically generated. The customer scans the QR code as an acknowledgment of the delivery order. During this process, the delivery photo and other details such as the order details, collection location, drop off location, etc., are captured and secured on the blockchain.”

Aliasgar Abbas, Director of and Business Development at VeriDoc Global

Blockchain technology validates transactions in a digital method, and it may be used in many ways, not just as a foundation for cryptocurrencies. It is based on a peer-to-peer network and is a distributed ledger that allows the registering of transactions globally.

Every block of the chain contains several transactions, and each time one happens it is recorded on the ledger of all the members. Everything is very transparent because participants can access and manage the information in real-time, making it really difficult for someone to gain control over the network.

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