Chart of Bitcoin ATM Installations Growth now available

More than 10,000 new crypto ATMs have been installed around the world during 2021 with the United States of America still ahead of other countries.
Bitcoin ATM

More than 10,000 new bitcoin ATMs have been installed around the world during 2021. The United States of America is still ahead of other countries.

According to data from Coin ATM Radar, the number of Bitcoin ATMs locations has soared by 71.73% this year. The total of machines installed until January 2021 was 13,993 and has currently reached 24,030.


The global count rose by 119.56% compared to the same period of 2020 and is expected to continue to increase. Data also suggests that cryptocurrency ATMs are being installed at a speed of 52.3 machines per day.

The United States is holding the first position with approximately 48 ATMs located during 24 hours. These types of devices are available in 75 countries around the world and are issued by 42 different producers.

Back in June, Athena Bitcoin announced that it was planning to install 1,500 crypto ATMs in El Salvador. The company, founded in 2015, is investing more than $1 million in the installation of automated teller machines throughout the country.

People will soon be able to buy bitcoin and other digital assets using cash or even sell them for the national currency.

“Initially, we are going to bring dozens of machines, (we’ll) test what the business model is like in El Salvador, which will probably be different than in the United States. In every [Latin American] country I’ve taken the company it’s a completely different ball game, and we need to be very creative to be able to stay afloat.”

Matias Goldenhorn, Athena’s director for Latin America

Athena expects to locate the devices all over the country. Anyhow, the most targeted cities will be those where residents receive more remittances from abroad.

The firm also plans to hire human resources and open an office that will carry out operations in El Salvador, which is the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

The president of El Salvador announced during a national address that the law will come into effect on September 7. Everyone who will download the Chivo e-wallet from elsalvador.com will get $30 of bitcoin. The amount will be sent to each user after their identity gets verified through the app’s face recognition software. 

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