The energy of the future is clean, plentiful, and based on Bitcoin.


Energy consumption is critical to the continued flourishing of humanity and technological advancement. It is our unique capacity to capture growing amounts of energy from our surroundings and use it. A demand to limit that usage would change the quality of our life.

Grid operators must constantly modify how much power to generate in order to remain profitable. The reopening of coal-fired power facilities in renewable-reliant Europe in the aftermath of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine highlights how destructive this strategy may be.

Bitcoin mining provides de facto insurance for power suppliers. The major goal of electricity suppliers today is to limit production to the projected load. Bitcoin miners remove this uncertainty by motivating providers to increase production at the lowest variable cost.

In consequence, bitcoin mining ensures the viability of green projects and their investors, as well as driving more investment.

Nuclear power stations are only profitable when they operate at full capacity. As a result, they are mainly confined to generating baseload power. Bitcoin mining removes a major limitation on their potential. While power plants might take hours or more to build up, it only takes minutes to turn down bitcoin miners and quickly redistribute electricity to people in need.

Electricity demand is predicted to exceed our ability to provide it consistently, particularly in the face of a continuous worldwide environmental movement. Bitcoin mining can assist in addressing highly political issues in the global energy discussion. It can function as a worldwide, free-market subsidy to increase grid infrastructure and supporting technologies.

The first step in creating a new energy economy is to promote more supply. Bitcoin’s blockchain, if allowed to expand naturally, would provide the world with green power. We have a clear choice: construct this future or watch as cartels and monopolies suffocate our old one.

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