Bitcoin Cash and its innovative sidechain project

A project called Smart Bitcoin Cash (Smartbch) was presented on a new website to Bitcoin Cash supporters on Thursday, a sidechain project of Bitcoin Cash.
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A project called Smart Bitcoin Cash (Smartbch) was presented on a new website to Bitcoin Cash supporters on Thursday. This project is a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash. Since it is compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 API, users will be in a position to support dApps without spending large amounts on transaction fees.


Even though the Ethereum blockchain remains the most important one in the matter of DeFi and Web3 applications. Anyway, one of the major concerns for users that deal with smart contracts and dApps is the high fees these operations request.

The Smartbch system intends to diminish these fees, gas emissions, and boost the capacity of EVM and Web3 gadgets. The website was introduced to people so they can create an idea of the Smartbch features by showing them documentation, community resources, or jobs and rewards.

“Instead of inventing fancy consensus and cryptographic algorithms, we decided to adopt another methodology: to develop low-level libraries with an aim to fully uncover the hardware’s potential, especially its inherent parallelism. Ordinary users and developers are provided with a compatibility layer supporting EVM and Web3, so the optimized low-level “close to the metal” libraries themselves remain concealed by this layer of abstraction. During the implementation, we used the codename ‘Moeing,’ which is added to the libraries’ names as prefix,”

was written on the white paper.

The website introduced five basic tools:

  • MoeingADS single-layer architecture
  • MoeingEVM parallelized execution engine
  • MoeingDB application-specific database
  • MoeingKV storage
  • MoeingAOT compiler for the EVM

The website points out that programmers can “build a new playground for Bitcoin Cash’s ecosystem and enlarge the user base.” 

You can go and check it out yourself at smartbch.org

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