10 Ways to Sell Your Digital Art on NFT Marketplaces

Over a few weeks, NFTs have completely transformed the digital art world, allowing artists to sell their work for large sums of money. 


The value of Ether, the cryptocurrency traded on this market, increased tenfold in January alone, and it is expected to continue to rise. Many artists have gotten on the NFT bandwagon because of the alluring sales figures. This new venture has not only opened up a world of opportunities, but it has also introduced new responsibilities, such as self-promotion. 

If you’ve already tokenized your work and received access to a marketplace like Foundation, Opensea, or Superrare, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to make a sale.

We asked artists who have sold art online what communication techniques work best for them, which social media networks they should be on, and what kind of content attracts collectors. Their top ten marketing tactics for advertising your digital work are as follows.

1. Switch to Twitter

Twitter has become the go-to medium for spreading the word about crypto art sales because it allows users to share links. “Twitter allows you to share several images at the same time while still putting the text in a place of importance because it’s the first thing one sees,” highlights illustrator and designer Óscar Lloréns.

2. Don’t Forget About Instagram

Instagram remains a platform for showcasing your portfolio and displaying not only current projects but also previous work. 

3. Make Proper Use of Hashtags

Following the proper hashtags is the best approach to constructing circles in a world where millions of conversations and photos are happening at the same time.

The following are the top twelve hashtags:

#nft #nftart #nftartist #nfts #nftcollector #nftcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #nftphotography #nftanimation #nftvideo #digitalart.

Some of these hashtags or terms can be good to put in your profile description. These hashtags apply to both Twitter and Instagram.

4. Share More than Just Your Work 

“Sharing the creative process, showing how your work is put together, what inspires you, is something that seems to spark great interest,” observes 3D illustrator Zigor Samaniego. Zigor was one of the first musicians from Spain to join the NFT family. He participated in an auction conducted by Nifty Gateway gallery in October 2020, which netted him $10,000. Since then, he’s been concentrating more and more on strategies to advertise himself. 

5. Is it Worth it to Look for Collectors… or Not

“In the Twitter universe, you’ll come across people claiming to have sums of money to spend on crypto art and asking to be convinced. They might be genuine, but often they’re not, “Gabriel Suchowolski (@microbians), a creative, explains. As a result, many artists are tempted to go out of their way to find collectors, direct them to their sales, and send them special messages.

6. Discord 

Discord is a social platform that allows users to create chat rooms for various purposes. It is known as Slack for gamers and is now also known as Slack for crypto artists. Discord provides more professional features such as sharing and storing material and documents. Crypto galleries usually have chat rooms where you can share your work.

Some groups are more or less private, and you may be invited to them by other users. There are even rooms reserved for famous collectors who have become legends in the NFT art scene. Access to them is restricted, and those who get access are regarded as elite.

7. Reddit Promotion

Reddit is a content aggregator with a voting community. If a post obtains a large number of votes, it rises in the Reddit rankings, allowing more people to view it. Its prominence is diminished if it receives downvotes.

Not only can you present your work in artist community threads like reddit.com/r/CryptoArt, which has over 8 million users, but you can also investigate what you don’t grasp in forums that exchange educational materials. One such organization is only dedicated to Ethereum.

8. NFT Newsletters Are Also Available

There are already NFT trend hunters that search for artworks with the highest resale value. One of them is NFT Hunters. This website provides a list of top works to its users’ email or Telegram accounts once or twice a week. In rare situations, if there is breaking news or a significant market movement, subscribers will receive an additional email with all the data. It’s simple to submit your artwork for consideration by these trend hunters: simply send an email to the address shown on their website.

9. Collaboration

Together is better in the NFT universe. German DJ Boys Noize recently collaborated with visual artists Art Camp, Danae Gosset, and Danica to produce a clip that sold for $25,000. Just a few days ago, a collaboration of 100 little-known artists curated by an artist and writer called Loopify sold for seven times the price initially set on Rarible, generating $89k.

10. Being Loyal as an Artist

Given the present economic situation, it’s unsurprising that many artists are turning to NFTs. Those who have previously profited from this trend understand how seductive it can all be. The chance that the NFT world provides us is the ability to focus on you as an artist rather than a customer.

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